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Что такое "Provincetown"? Как правильно пишется данное слово. Понятие и трактовка.

Provincetown ['provinstaun] Провинстаун, город в штате Массачусетс. Town in SE Massachusetts, at the extremety of Cape Cod peninsula: fishing and fishpacking plants; notable as a summer art colony. The "Mayflower" came to anchor here in 1620, before the landing at Plymouth. The Provincetown Players, a pioneering little-theater group, was organized here. Provincetown or P'town, as some call it is the name most familiar to first-timers on the cape. It attracts artists and celebrities and is exceedingly easygoing - in rather startling contrast to the town's early history as the first landing site of the Pilgrims. Several leading artists summer here, and the town's long Commercial Street has at least a dozen art galleries, side by side with museums. The Provincetown Playhouse on the Wharf gained national recognition for its innovation in theater (in 1976 the theater as well as the Eugene O'Neill Theater Museum were destroyed by fire).
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