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Что такое "Nantucket"? Как правильно пишется данное слово. Понятие и трактовка.

Nantucket Нантакет, остров и курортный город того же названия в штате Массачусетс; An island in SE Massachusetts, in the Atlantic Ocean, lies 30 miles of Cape Cod. Town in Massachusetts: summer resort and yachting center. Was famous as a whaling center in the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th. It is not by сЬадсе that both Captain Ahab and First Mate Starbuck of the ill-fated "Pequod" (in Melville's famous novel "Moby Dick'3) were Nantucket men. Nothing could have seemed more likely to Melville's readers, and besides, one Captain George Pollard of Nantucket did lose a ship to an enraged sperm whale. Nantucket was once the whaling capital of the world, its Main Street is lined with elegant 19th-century homes and the Whaling Museum offers a whaling boat among other exhibits, Inhabitant: Nantucketer.
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