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Что такое "MIT"? Как правильно пишется данное слово. Понятие и трактовка.

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology Массачусетский технологический институт. Established at Cambridge, Mass., in 1859 it is one of the most famous institutions in the USA for students who "hope to become leaders in science, teaching, engineering and industry". An "independent", "endowed institution", it has excellent laboratories on its campus. Its greatest claim to distinction lies in its faculty, which includes scholars, scientists and engineers of world renown. Essentially an undergraduate college, though research and graduate instruction are also vital to its work, M. I. T.'s enrollment was about 7,200 in 1974. It is attended mostly by men, though there is a small enrollment of women. MIT produces scientists in all fields, many of whom continue in government research and consulting positions. Nicknamed "Mad Scientist University" by its alumni, MIT is one of the few schools in the country where the computer center is open 24 hours a day, and it's busy on Saturday night
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